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The Move to Canada Team has served clients around the world from almost every country. Our proven track record of helping individuals and businesses relocate to Canada is second to none. We are committed to customer service and personalized attention to ensure each client receives custom tailored solutions that fit their needs. Every member of our team has years of experience and is recognized as a leader in their field. While relocating to another country can be a stressful experience, The Move to Canada Team makes it simple.

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The Move to Canada Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Move to Canada Team?

The Move to Canada Team (MTC for short) is your partner for all things related to Canadian immigration and purchasing real estate in Canada.  Our firm is comprised of the best immigration, banking and real estate professionals across the country, each with long histories and proven track records.  We are the only firm in Canada which combines professionals from each vertical, providing a truly comprehensive service that sets us completely apart from the competition.

What does an initial consultation involve?

The Move to Canada Team professionals assist hundreds of people around the world each year and we pride ourselves on the in-depth nature of our consultations. Whether your requirement is immigration, buying real estate in Canada, corporate expansion, we will provide extensive information on the process, and conduct a preliminary intake to obtain all of the information we need to best serve you. Forms will be filled out, and meetings will be scheduled for you to meet with the members of the team who will be working with you.

How much does the process cost?

Initial consultations with the Move to Canada Team are free of charge. After we speak with you to assess your individual case requirements, you will be introduced to the specific professionals required for your needs. Fees associated with each professional will range based upon the nature and complexity of your case and will be discussed individually with each professional before any services are rendered.

Does The Move to Canada Team accept all cases?

In order to provide our clients with the highest level of service, MTC only accepts cases in the areas it specializes. These areas include:

. Immigrating to Canada and acquiring Permanent Residency in Canada

. Buying real estate in Canada

. Corporate expansion and relocations to Canada

. Corporate Law in Canada

. International Taxation in Canada

. International Banking in Canada

Is the consultation confidential?

All clients, including those attending initial consultations with the Move to Canada Team should feel assured that any information they share with our team will remain strictly confidential.

Do I Need to Work with an Immigration Lawyer or Can I Work with a Consultant Instead?

Immigration is a very complex field of law where changes can happen overnight, and decisions can be life-changing. Because of this, it is crucial for the person representing the applicant to have a solid knowledge of legal issues. Lawyers have gone through many years of law school and are qualified to find the best solution to suit your needs, while consultants do not have the same level of legal training. Immigration lawyers are experts in this field of law and furthermore, all lawyers on the Move to Canada Team are Certified Specialists in Citizenship and Immigration – designated as the best in the country.

What is a Certified Specialist in Citizenship and Immigration?

This designation is the highest possible recognition awarded to immigration lawyers who have maintained exemplary standards of professional practice, specialize in Canadian Citizenship and Immigration, and are recognized as the very best in the country. In Toronto for example, there are only 52 citizenship and immigration lawyers who hold this designation. All immigration lawyers on the Move to Canada Team are Certified Specialists in Citizenship and Immigration.

Do you Guarantee my Application will be Approved?

This is difficult to comment upon until your case is assessed. You can be assured that our team of lawyers have likely handled a case similar to yours. Anyone who provides a guarantee of approval ahead of time is misrepresenting themselves. As knowledgeable lawyers, our team provides solutions to clients that have the best chance of success – we will even let you know before you begin the process whether your application has a good chance of being accepted or not. We must confirm the particulars of your case before we can give you the specifics.

How long will it take to approve my Canadian Immigration application?

The duration of the application process will depend on the type of application, the circumstances, and how many applications the Government is processing. It must be noted that there is no hard and fast rule for processing times. The Move to Canada Team’s immigration lawyers carefully analyze all documentation provided by clients and prepares professional presentations that save time for visa officers, providing them with an incentive to process your application faster and avoid unnecessary delays.

How do I obtain Canadian citizenship after becoming a Permanent Resident?

If a person has been physically present in Canada for a period of at least three years within the five years prior to submitting the citizenship application, he/she may qualify for Canadian citizenship. However, the rules for calculating a period of residency are complex and there are exceptions to the standard residency requirement. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you call our office for consultation.

What rights will I have when I am a Canadian Permanent Resident?

Canadian Permanent Residents have almost all of the same rights of Canadian citizens. The rights they do not have, are the right to vote, be elected, or hold a Canadian passport. The rights that Permanent residents do have, are the right to free health care, education, employment, grants, social assistance and other benefits depending on their circumstances.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Real Estate Agent in Canada?

Real Estate agents in Canada are paid upon closing of a real estate transaction, and are paid a percentage of the transaction value. In Canada, the Seller of the real estate is responsible to pay all real estate agent commissions, both for the seller’s agent, and the buyer’s agent as well. This means that buyers do not pay anything to hire a real estate agent in Canada.

If I Do Not Hire A Real Estate Agent, will I save money on my Purchase?

No. When a buyer purchases real estate without a Real Estate Agent, the seller’s Real Estate Agent will be paid both the buyer’s agent commission fee, and the seller’s agent commission fee; this is known as double-ending a deal. There are no savings for a Buyer to purchase real estate without a real estate agent, and in fact this decision will likely cost the buyer more money as they do not have a real estate professional representing them in negotiations.

What are the costs associated with buying real estate in Canada?

Real Estate in Canada, like elsewhere in the world, carries a number of costs. In Canada, these costs include:

. Property Tax

. Utility costs (electricity, natural gas, water)

. Maintenance costs for general upkeep

. Mortgage payments in the case that financing was required for the purchase

. Land Transfer Tax (depending on where in Canada the real estate is purchased)

. The Non Resident Speculation Tax (depending on where in Canada the real estate is purchased), for buyers without a Canadian Permanent Residency or Canadian Citizenship.

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